Expand your brand's influence with an app that engages and captivates

App Development
Every business is different, so every business or individual requires their own unique app strategy. Apps can support and improve your current business or create a new revenue stream. Whether it’s to run alongside a current advertising campaign, make your retail business easier and more exciting, support a product or for a new standalone game or app utility, the team at Fish can turn your ideas into a reality, or even an augmented reality. We work across both Apple and Android platforms.

The key to a good app strategy
The final goal is to make your business, your product or your new idea stronger and more profitable. Digital strategies and advertising is essential in this age of smartphones, tablets and the web. Talk to us. Our team exploit their vast experience and expertise in advertising, content creation and all things app related to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing is the future for interactive sales and presentation tools for tablet devices. Books, newspapers and magazines are all going digital and our printed advertising material is also headed in that direction. Customers can interact with your brand by adding videos, animation, audio, website click throughs and other interactive experiences to create that WOW factor, at the same time educating and selling your products and services.

Interactive digital content engages and captivates customers, employees and stakeholders. Being able to update and expand your digital publishing app at any time with no need for a whole new print run will also save you money.

Travel & Hospitality Digital Specialist
We are the travel, tourism and hospitality digital experts, offering digitally enhanced tourism and hospitality to further improve the quality of the customer’s experience.

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Treasure Island Resort Fiji guest services application

Features include Resort check in. Ordering food and drink from anywhere on the island. Restaurant menus, dinning options, request booking, daily activities, local weather report. Things to see and do, water sports, dive trips. Day spa menu and specials. Resort map.

Peninsula Pools

This is a great affordable entry level platform for all types of business’ to get into device applications.The Peninsula Pools app has multiple purposes. The overall goal was to enhance their business and to increase their customers experience interacting with their brand in a fast effective manner.