Turn the physical world into an augmented world of limitless brand opportuntiies

Fish Media works with the latest AR technology incorporating Object Recognition (markers). This exciting new platform has so many possibilities. Launch the AR app, point the camera towards a marker and see augmented reality come to life in 3D animations.

The markers can trigger any type of information – graphics, advertising, an upcoming movie or event, it can even turn packaging into full augmented reality experiences. These markers can be placed in merchandise, brochures, catalogues, packaging, POS, outdoor or even TVC’s to promote your merchandise and brand.

Treasure Island AR app

Augmented reality is a great communication tool for all types of business’. It can turn a flat printed brochure, magazine or newspaper ad into an animated 3D advertisement.

It’s an ideal communication tool for travel agents and wholesalers. Travel agents are handing out hundreds of destination brochures daily. With space being a premium, your AR ‘trigger’ is printed into your ad, once the app is opened and pointed towards this trigger an animation will launch highlighting your destination, services or products.

We can also add to this app in the future, Treasure Island may want to include some of their resort information, maps, galleries, menus, room service ordering capabilities, timetable of activities and tour itineraries.