Immersive Marketing

Immersive Experiences ~ Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) is a combination of AR, VR, 3D, 360 degree and Metaverse experiences.

Storytelling has always been relevant to marketers.  Print, television and internet ads all need to tell a specific narrative tailored to a brands audience. However this two-dimensional story trend is winding down and a fully immersive three-dimentional approach is taking off.  

The Metaverse is a trending term right now with brands excited to tap into this new three-dimential world.  Basically the Metaverse is just an extension of Virtual Reality (VR), the difference being that Brands, organisations and even individuals can now purchase blocks of digital land in the metaverse and create their own Virtual Experiences. 

We combine, design, filming and animation with the latest technologies to create immersive experiences for our partners.  If you would like to go beyond the traditional content and engage with your customers in an experiential way we have the expertise and tools to take you there. 

Fish Media have always prided itself on staying at the cuting edge of marketing technologies, we launched our first AR app back in 2014. 

Fish Media is currently working on the Trailblazing Academy, which plans to make learning sexy, with a fun and rewarding educational platform. Trailblazing Academy will feature an immersive, gamified and Learn2Earn platform. Featuring on-chain verification, Student ID and a digital collectables rewards system. 

Other trending terms are Web3 and NFTs, to find out more about these click here 

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How does the immersive experience work?

At a time when the user experience has become increasingly important, coming up with new ways to communicate with the audience is essential. A good immersive experience should take the user to a place they haven’t been before. The idea is to take them out of their comfort zone by offering something uncommon.

Interactive video lets viewers choose their own direction in the narrative with interactive overlays, video quizzes and switchable viewing experiences. AR (augmented reality) can be used in retail for immersive POS interactions. In-game advertising is also an immersive experience, brands can also leverage esports and popular gamers/ creators for promotional purposes.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are another way to engage and enhance your customer base, offering on-chain rewards or memberships to current and new customers. Find out more about NFTs here

Brands need to discover where their audience/ customers spend their time and be front and centre in that platform. There are many different approaches and the team at Fish Media can create a bespoke approach to align with your brand and your community. Turn your passive audience into active users.

Treasure Island AR app


Augmented reality is a great communication tool for all types of business’. It can turn a flat printed brochure, magazine or newspaper ad into an animated 3D advertisement.

It’s an ideal communication tool for travel agents and wholesalers. Travel agents are handing out hundreds of destination brochures daily. With space being a premium, your AR ‘trigger’ is printed into your ad, once the app is opened and pointed towards this trigger an animation will launch highlighting your destination, services or products.

We can also add to this app in the future, Treasure Island may want to include some of their resort information, maps, galleries, menus, room service ordering capabilities, timetable of activities and tour itineraries.

Our process

Our experienced team of creatives will see your project through from initial concept, all pre-production to filming and follow through post-production, editing, animation to final delivery and connection to your target audience.

We listen to you, discover your goals and objectives, explore your brand story and ideals. Learn your point of difference and the message you want to communicate. Working together we will create the best content and launch it on platform to bring your message to life.

What our clients think

“I have worked with Chris and the team at Fish Media for over 5 years and I am always impressed with the high quality and sharpness of their work. I have found Chris to be invaluable from concept to finished commercial with his experience invaluable to delivering a high quality product. I would happily recommend Fish Media to anyone looking for high quality and a team you can trust to deliver your vision.”

Steve Brandt

Bioglan - General Manager PharmaCare

“Fish Media helped create an inspirational womens video to be shown to our NAB customers for International Women’s Day. Chris was very professional and helped bring our vision to life on the day. Nothing was a problem, he was very easy going. His talent behind the camera is exceptional and the final cut of our video was AMAZING. We look forward to working with Fish Media again in the future. “

Lisa Johnston

NAB - Business Development Manager

“A big thank you to Fish Media for helping us in creating an engaging training video. The energy, knowledge, creativity and support provided throughout the process made it such a great experience. The Final video was enjoyable to watch, highlighting our key messaging and the quality was spot on. Would definitely recommend Fish Media to anyone looking for a committed team and great end result!”

Amita King

Best and Less

Our clients