NFT Creation

Welcome! You’re early.

We are passionate NFT Creators. Our goal is to help artists, musicians, charities, brands, clubs and sporting organisations enter the NFT space.

NFTs and Web3 are booming at the moment and has the potential to disrupt many industries.  OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace went from $21.7 million sales volume in 2020 to $14 billion in 2021 ($20 billion total sales across all NFT platforms).

Build a Community.

There are new NFTs dropping everyday, you need to stand out in the crowd, or better still bring your own crowd. This is the reason its easier for charities, clubs and sporting organisations to enter this space.  It is also a great way for brands to grow a deeper connection with their audience and build a new audience.  Brands to recently join the NFT space include Nickalodeon, Adidas, McDonalds and Qantas.  In saying all that it’s not only for the big brands and big budgets.  Start small, think big and scale fast.


NFT projects can benefit both sides of the coin.. Or both sides of the digital token..(Does a token even have sides?) 

For the clubs it opens up a whole new market of potential members with the crypto crowd, and for the clubs current members it introduces them to the world of cryptocurrencies and unique digital art with possible utility value. 

Its a win-win for everyone.

We are keen to onboard and introduce as many people to the NFT world as possible while at the same time helping artists, brands, clubs and organisations increase their membership.


NFT platform design & Development

End-to-end NFT project development, from concepts, art, community building, platform or marketplace development to minting and listing on NFT marketplaces.

Smart Contract Services

Smart contracts are automated digital contracts built using blockchain technology. They automate processes, agreements and transactions, removing the need for lengthy paperwork and human interaction. More efficient, more secure and cheaper, smart contracts are essential for any business using blockchain.

NFT consultancy

Whether you require a full-stack development or just a consultant to help you navigate the world of NFTs and Web3, we can help.

Current Projects


Holidao seeks to build a community of trailblazers reaping the rewards of belonging to a NFT project with actual real world utility while doing some good in the world. Utilizing the unique benefits of decentralized ownership and Crypto. Holidao is a real estate based ecosystem providing fun, philanthropy and lifelong memories to its members.

Trailblazer Tribe

An army of the fiercest cyborg-warriors the metaverse has ever seen is forming. Originating where the sun first hits the horizon, 1000 proud Trailblazing Kiwi’s existing on the blockchain are forming a tribe of warriors following a path mapped out in the night sky for centuries. These blockchain warriors have many quests along their journey. Helping IRL humanity is their destiny.

Our process

Our experienced team of creatives will see your project through from initial concept, all pre-production to filming and follow through post-production, editing, animation to final delivery and connection to your target audience.

We listen to you, discover your goals and objectives, explore your brand story and ideals. Learn your point of difference and the message you want to communicate. Working together we will create the best content and launch it on platform to bring your message to life.

What our clients think

“I have worked with Chris and the team at Fish Media for over 5 years and I am always impressed with the high quality and sharpness of their work. I have found Chris to be invaluable from concept to finished commercial with his experience invaluable to delivering a high quality product. I would happily recommend Fish Media to anyone looking for high quality and a team you can trust to deliver your vision.”

Steve Brandt

Bioglan - General Manager PharmaCare

“Fish Media helped create an inspirational womens video to be shown to our NAB customers for International Women’s Day. Chris was very professional and helped bring our vision to life on the day. Nothing was a problem, he was very easy going. His talent behind the camera is exceptional and the final cut of our video was AMAZING. We look forward to working with Fish Media again in the future. “

Lisa Johnston

NAB - Business Development Manager

“A big thank you to Fish Media for helping us in creating an engaging training video. The energy, knowledge, creativity and support provided throughout the process made it such a great experience. The Final video was enjoyable to watch, highlighting our key messaging and the quality was spot on. Would definitely recommend Fish Media to anyone looking for a committed team and great end result!”

Amita King

Best and Less

Our clients